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Thomas P Uyehara

COO & Managing Partner





20700 Watertown Road, Ste 230
Waukesha, WI 53186

A Bit About Me

I  am an experienced IT professional with twenty plus years of proven proficiency in the following IT arenas, including: Systems Management, Project Management, IT Consulting, Contributor to Technical Solution Sets, and Vendor Management. I am a current contributor to Infotech Solution Sets, a former non-profit board member, and have assisted various non-profit organizations in leveraging analysts’ expertise.

Included in my current skill set are the development tools needed to effectively lead, train, and motivate diverse [employee] groups or teams in order to produce results above and beyond what is expected. I am able to consistently reach above par results through strategic planning, as well as through a set of solutions in order to minimize the risk of implementation failures or budget overrun. I have expertly dealt with budget planning and maintained a standard which others are able to platform from. As the manager of a large IT infrastructure with free reign, I was able to implement several new procedures which proved to be cost effective, as well as structurally solid and have been in place for over ten years, showing to be a proven methodology.

I have expert knowledge with networking infrastructure, including expertise in network connectivity, protocols, and network security devices within various network types. I am also adept in financial affairs, management and leadership protocol, as well as in the art of strategic planning. I have a further proven track record of success in each of the business venture that he has undertaken, due to my infallible business


I am ambitious, have a great sense of humor, and am driven by the latest technology. I know that fiber optics has the potential to change traditional thinking and am committed to making the internet better for everyone. I believe that everyone should have access to the best that the world has to offer and this is one small way to make that contribution.

Delivering Growth 

Tevetron, LLC 

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